Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Family Colors

 Acrylic on Panel
8 X 10
Color plays a major part in this painting. Much of it is arbitrary because its not exactly realistic. The bright colors give it an older 50s look, which goes along with the idea of the happy, typical American families that are thought of from the 1950s. The background is contrasted with the family by the calm blue background, with the busy colors of the family. Some of the blue background is brought into the family in the fathers tie, the girls dress, and in the turkey. There is emphasis on the mothers red dress and the yellow oven because they are the only true colors in the painting. The location of the family makes the whole group a focal point. Unity is created by the proximity of the family. This is important not just for art reasons but also to tell a story of the closeness of the family.

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