Monday, December 5, 2011

Concert Lights

Acrylic on Panel
8 X 10
This photo is of two different photos I took at a Circa Survive concert that I added together. The focal point is the two people on stage hugging, even though they are in the background. The people in the audience are looking towards the stage adding emphasis to the people on stage. Also the stage lights are directly beating down on the stage and the lines of the beams are pointing to the people. I used two main complementary colors: yellow and purple. All the colors are different shades of these colors. The foreground has more detail and is larger making it appear to be closer to the audience. Also the placement of the people help give the painting depth. The closeness of the people make the crowd look dense and give the painting the feeling of being at a concert. The style of this painting has loose strokes and many highlights to show where the light hits. Also the intensity and hard edges help show the lights on objects.

"Playing" Soccer

 Acrylic on Panel
9 X 10
The subject matter of this photo is of my art teacher's grandchild (the blonde) getting upset because she did not want to play soccer that day. The background is done in very loose strokes, as is the foreground, but to a greater extent. The focal point is the upset child and the converging line of the building in the background is pointing to her face. The bright colored jerseys give emphasis to the foreground and sets it about from the more neutral background. I had difficulty foreshadowing the arms on the girl in the front and it took me many tries and many corrections to get it right. The trees are not geometric at all, they are very organic and have implied lines.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What is an A.P. Concentration?

A concentration for Advanced Placement Art is one theme that 12 pieces of art relate to. My Concentration is art of everyday life. This entails people, places, and things. I chose this theme because I think it is interesting to portray people in a candid way. Everyday life can show the natural beauty of the little things in life.

Farmer's Market

Watercolor Pencils and Pastels on Watercolor Paper
12" x 11 1/2"

Celebratory Dinner

Acrylic on Panel
9" x 10"

Christmas Mass

Acrylic on Panel
9" x 12"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Morning Reflection

This drawing is of a reflection looking into a coffee cup. The face is the focal point and the spoon and hand are converging lines towards the face. The face is also located near the center of the paper helping it be the focal point. The paper towel only has details in the front and fades to an implied line in the back, that is the foreground. It was hard to get the face to look like a reflection in the cup and took me many tries. My favorite part of this picture is the spoon because of the shading on it.

Ryan Peel

Ryan Peel is a local Memphis musician (whom I did receive permission from before using his picture.) This medium is torn pieces of newspaper. I briefly sketched just the shape of his head and body before beginning. There is no other medium used, everything including the shading is just different shades of newspaper. I tried to balance the picture by adding the light source, being the lightest spot, with all of the highlights on his face and shirt. Not much is done to the background but abstracted shapes of different shades just to show that something is present but that it is not the main focus.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Red Chair

This summer we had an assignment of having 3 pieces of art due at the beginning of August. One piece that I chose was to paint a corner of a room. All summer I took pictures of different rooms that I could possibly use for my painting. While I was in St. Louis this summer, I saw this chair at my aunts house and knew this was the room I wanted to paint.

I intended for the focal point to be the pillow in the chair. I thought that having the pillow as the focal point would bring the viewers eye to the chair, which has the most weight in the picture. The pillow is also emphasized by the highlights on it from the lamp, or light source. The table next to the chair also has an out of the ordinary element to it but it is shaded to keep the viewers eye on the focal point but also give the painting more interest.