Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Red Chair

This summer we had an assignment of having 3 pieces of art due at the beginning of August. One piece that I chose was to paint a corner of a room. All summer I took pictures of different rooms that I could possibly use for my painting. While I was in St. Louis this summer, I saw this chair at my aunts house and knew this was the room I wanted to paint.

I intended for the focal point to be the pillow in the chair. I thought that having the pillow as the focal point would bring the viewers eye to the chair, which has the most weight in the picture. The pillow is also emphasized by the highlights on it from the lamp, or light source. The table next to the chair also has an out of the ordinary element to it but it is shaded to keep the viewers eye on the focal point but also give the painting more interest.

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