Monday, December 5, 2011

Concert Lights

Acrylic on Panel
8 X 10
This photo is of two different photos I took at a Circa Survive concert that I added together. The focal point is the two people on stage hugging, even though they are in the background. The people in the audience are looking towards the stage adding emphasis to the people on stage. Also the stage lights are directly beating down on the stage and the lines of the beams are pointing to the people. I used two main complementary colors: yellow and purple. All the colors are different shades of these colors. The foreground has more detail and is larger making it appear to be closer to the audience. Also the placement of the people help give the painting depth. The closeness of the people make the crowd look dense and give the painting the feeling of being at a concert. The style of this painting has loose strokes and many highlights to show where the light hits. Also the intensity and hard edges help show the lights on objects.

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