Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Death of the Pepsi

Acrylic on Panel
8 X 10
Originally this painting was just the Coke cans but I was told it was boring. I had to come up with something to add that would create conflict or a thought process. By adding the Pepsi can, the painting now show conflict between the two brands giving it more excitement. I painted this in a realistic way but I simplified it; I gave it my personal touch. This picture of the Coke cans were taken on a store shelf and I added the Pepsi can from looking at a picture of another crushed can. I had difficulty painting the Pepsi label because I did not have a source to see how the label folded but I know that there are highlights and dark spots that give something form. The isolation of the Pepsi can makes it the focal point and it is also the only blue object in the painting. The vast amount of red is balanced with the blue of the Pepsi can.

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